MOSQUITMED started from a simple idea and an harsh observation: more than half of the world population is now exposed to Malaria infection, dengue fever, Zika virus or other mosquito-borne diseases. By itself, Malaria killed more than 1 million of people in the period of 2015-2016 and the large majority of victims are children.

Rising Mosquito Borne Diseases

In the recent years the demand for mosquito repellents has been amplified due to rising incidences of mosquito borne diseases, such as zika virus, malaria, dengue, west nile fever and others. Various countries of Europe, Asia and North America witnessed outburst of various diseases such as Malaria, Zika Dengue chikungunya. The recent outbreak of zika virus caused by bite of Aedes mosquito, spread across Caribbean regions of North America and South Africa. The impact of mosquito borne diseases is expected to increase in upcoming years owing to increasing population of mosquitoes and transmission of virus from pregnant ladies to their children.

Rise Of Global Temperature

The global temperature of the earth has continued to rise during the past few years and would also increase in coming times owing to rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Hot temperature provides optimum conditions to the mosquitoes to breed and increases their level of activeness. It also provides damp and wet climate in certain regions which also favors in their population’s multiplication. Thus, impact of the rise in global warming would directly impact the growth of mosquito population which would lead into an increase in the penetration of products designed to repel them.

Our Primary Focus

MOSQUITMED will focus on two different types of insect borne diseases:

  1. Mosquito related borne diseases such as Malaria, Dengue and Zika virus. These borne diseases are mainly active in tropical areas such as Central & South America, Africa and Asia. In these regions we will focus on the awareness, education and distribution to prevent as much as possible local residents against these diseases.
  2. Ticks related borne disease such as Lyme disease are mainly active in North America and Europe. The awareness of the Lyme disease is growing as this disease brings serious health risks. To focus our marketing on this specific disease in North America and Europe we want to achieve top of mind brand position to protect the local residents in these parts of the worlds against ticks that may carry Lyme disease.

How to protect when traveling

• Use Non Aerosol Sprays
• Only bring Sprays, Creams & Lotions with max of 100ml
• Select On The Go type of packaging while you buy insect repellents
• Select Insect Repellents that don’t damage garment and clothes (Icardin based products)
• Select Insect Repellents that protects against mosquito borne diseases (Icardin based products)
• When you use an insect repellent make sure you apply the liquid equally over the skin for maximum protection

Insect repellents are essential for all outdoor activities. Our non aerosol sprays are easy to carry during any outdoor activities. Beside protection against mosquitoes our products are also effective against ticks that may carry Lyme disease. MOSQUITMED INSECT REPELLENTS don’t damage your clothes and outdoor garment.



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