We take care of special targets groups that are more focussed and concerned about the safety of insect repellents. Discover our safety profile for insect repellents products for children and adults.

Safe for children

Adding to its efficiency and its lasting performances, low toxicity profile of our products allows children from 6 months old to be safely protected from mosquitoes and ticks related diseases. Icaridin is the repellent of first choice recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Pediatric Society for travelers from six months to 12 years old.

Safe for pregnant women

Icaridin based products’ profile and particularly its low percentage of skin absorption into the blood skin makes it the perfect insect repellent for pregnant women who wants to protect their babies and themselves effectively and safely.

MOSQUITMED products represents the best compromise between efficiency and user-friendliness.

Protection during outdoor sports

MOSQUITMED’s mission is to protect the wider range of profile from mosquitoes related diseases as possible, and we believe that our products fits a large range of situations.

Outdoor sportsmen can be exposed to insects bites regularly and our product have been conceived to last longer than others, be more efficient than other while being compatible to many materials such as sport equipment and outdoor gears.

Indeed, most of sportswear are plastic-based or made of synthetic coating and DEET based insect repellent are proven to harm their composition.
Icaridin profile is the best option for outdoor adventurers who wants to be protected from insects bites while keeping their gears intact.

Safe during sun exposure

The sun exposure protection is a problem well handled but adding it to insect repellent can be serious trick, especially if in terms of toxicity and effects on the UV rays protection. Adding the “wash out” effect due to the water scrubbing.
Only one product is needed with MOSQUITMED 2-in-1 sun protection, allowing a complete protection from UV aggression while having the same efficiency, long lasting and low toxicity performance as our other products. A real solution for the long days at the beach or under the sun.

Insect repellents are essential for all outdoor activities. Our non aerosol sprays are easy to carry during any outdoor activities. Beside protection against mosquitoes our products are also effective against ticks that may carry Lyme disease. MOSQUITMED INSECT REPELLENTS don’t damage your clothes and outdoor garment.



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