A story of passion to create new generation of insect repellents

With an innovative collection of high quality products for safe and effective protection, we offer a range of products, including body lotions, body sprays, moisturizers and 2in1 SPF sprays.


Icaridin Plus⁺


Our multi format Icaridin Plus FAMILY range protects you and your children during day and night time. Choose between dry application formulation at night or use our cool refreshing skin care during your daily activities. Safe and comfortable protection against mosquitoes and ticks for up to 12 hours.

Go Fresh Insect Repellent Body Moisturizing 100ml

Icaridin Plus⁺


During and after Sport / Outdoor activities, your skin can use a moisturizing sensation. Our Icaridin Plus ACTIVE3 formulation provides a refreshing skin protection, moisturize your skin and protect against insects like mosquitoes and ticks for up to 8 hours.

Sun Protection insect repellent

Icaridin Plus⁺

2in1 Sun Evolution

Our 2-in-1 SUN EVOLUTION is a combination of a strong SPF UVA protection together with an insect repellent for up to 6 hours. With our skin-friendly formula you can use our 2-in-1 sun products for children and adults.

Icaridin PLUS FAMILY – Protects you and your children
Icaridin PLUS Active3 For Sport & outdoor activities
Icaridin PLUS 2 in 1 SUN EVOLUTION

Our safety profile

MOSQUITMED products represents the best compromise between efficiency and user-friendliness.

Adding to our efficiency and its lasting performances for our products, the low toxicity profile of our products allows children with the age from 6 months to be safely protected from mosquitoes and ticks.

Icaridin is the repellent of first choice recommended by various Public Health Agencies and the Pediatric Societies for travelers from six months to 12 years old.

Our Icaridin Plus Standard

MOSQUITMED introducing Icaridin and Plus+. This new standard represents the best features for insect repellent products. With our distinctive ranges we offer a multi step formulation that Protects, Hydrates and Refresh at the same time.

Our Plus+ collection represents 3 ranges with different formulations:

  • FAMILY (20% Icaridin formula) – up to 12 hours
  • ACTIVE3 (15% Icaridin formula) – up to 8 hours
  • 2in1 SUN EVOLUTION (10% Icaridin formula) – up to 6 hours
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