MOSQUITMED introducing Icaridin and Plus+. This new standard represents the best features for an insect repellent product. With our distinctive ranges we offer a multi step formulation that Protects, Hydrates and Refresh at the same time.

Our brand’s mission is to certified the best quality products to our customers in the development, manufacturing and distribution process.

Our research on our active ingredient, Icaridin, have been realized in collaboration with a team of experts, we combined the Dutch quality and design together with extensive German research and manufacturing of Icaridin. We continually developing new product formats and formulations to provide consumers the best possible standards for insect repellents and to offer our distribution partners the latest trends on POS and packing formats.

All of our product are manufactured in The Netherlands in an advanced manufacturing facility.
This facility is specialized in the manufacturing of high quality skin care and body products that compliance with all the strict European manufacturing and safety regulations, to assure to our customers the best quality of our products.

MOSQUITMED develop and manufacture product applications for professional industries like airlines, hotels and Hospitals. With solutions for amenity kits we can offer product formats for different service industries and sales points. Discover more about our solutions!

Our B2C distribution channels are various, from Airport Duty Free, Cruise Lines, Border stores, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Department Stores to Theme Parks and Zoo’s.

Use your miles to purchase MOSQUITMED at the online loyalty programs, assuring a wide range of sales points to make our products available for everyone and therefore spread our vision even further.

Find us online at selected shopping platforms and affiliate partners in the travel industry.

Join our distribution model and make our products accessible online and offline.


Our multi step usage format protects you and your children during night and daytime. Choose between dry application formulation at night or use our cool refreshing application when you have sun exposure during outdoor activities or to protect against insects during the evening time.

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